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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Greeks.

Went to Jimmy the Greeks house. Hes mega short. Zach status. But anyway, hes the funniest fucking dude, I was laughing so hard. Played some basketball. I fucked my hand up super good on a sandstone wall. He has a killer pool, all these crazy little concrete volcanos and quater pipes with bendy coping. Firecracker coping.

Heres some shitty pictures as always.

Anyway, I hope you fucking douches are having fun in Cincinnati. right....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pittroffs Corner.

So the day started off as any other. Little did my stupid ass know, it was to be a horrific SHITFUCK(Yes, thats the only word I can use to describe it) of a day. I started it off with some Call of Duty 5/Skate 2. At about 12, I went to Phoenix park, and the fucking Osirus team was there warming up, they fucking sucked, and James Brockman may or may not be the ugliest dude on the face of the Earth. I thought he was only gross in pictures...I was wrong. If you're balding, heed my advice and shave your fucking hair. So I skated there for alittle and completely ruined my knee. By the way, Viccarone was there with them and he was KILLING it. He kickflipped up the 6 stair and it made zero sense. So after that, I left and went to Chipotle and talked to Giby. I went to the tattoo shop to get Virgin Mary dressed like a whore, and the lady infront of me, who was 300 pounds EASY, took forever because she "didn't like the way it looked on her arm." I mean really, no tattoo is gonna look GREAT on an arm thats as big as my torso. So it turned out he only had enough time to go over the 164 Scott, Licardi, and Zach gave me. Now heres where the kicker comes in, I decided I would try and salvage the day by going to Tempe Park, So I get there and skate for alittle, and I figured I'd so some rail tricks but I couldn't have been more wrong. The biggest black dude ever, waxed the rail worse than a rollerblader would. I slammed so fucking hard doing a feeble. So I took a credit card and spent ATLEAST 10 minutes "de-waxing" this fucking rail. I tried the feeble again and fell even worse. THEN, if you're still reading this you're in for a treat, this guy who was about 33-38 years old was there with his little girl, and I see him talking to his little girl and the girl looks at me and asks why I'm "wearing my sisters pants." I told the guy to teach his kid some fucking manors and it escalated from there and I ended up pushing this guy up against the fence and a bunch of guys broke it up.

Heres some shitty pictures to go with a shitty day.

I wish this blimp woulda pulled a Hindenburg.

Essential items for skating. A HUGE jug of water to offset the fucking heat, cigerettes to keep stress down from kids getting in your way, VOX just because, and Indy 149's to NOT get anywhere close to coping.

The Skyline here is pretty wack.

Some trees. Fuck this update is bad...

Pretty rad house though.

I also saw a kid with a Blazer overcoat, 1 dirtbike glove, a flexfit hat, a purple shirt, and oakleys doing flatground.
Everyone out here wears purple shirts everyday, I don't get it.
Thats it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The reason for the MEGA POST is because Licardi has been blowing dicks for A's in his classes. So unless he somehow finds time to start updating this, you'll be getting Arizona updates from myself, Pittroff.

So, I left last night at 1 in the morning. Cincinnati to Phoenix. I figured there would be the sickest pictures of all kinds of funny shit...I was wronger, if thats a word, than a transvestite in the Womens bathroom. Theres not shit to see, nothing to do. I listened to talk radio the whole time about a guy named Billy Meier. Hes the real deal I think. He talks to Aliens, has photographs, has metals scientists can't explain. Legitmate. I ate, White Castle, Mcdonalds, and Taco Bell. Oh and some Beef Jerky too. Maybe the worst combination of foods on the entire earth. I tried to shit earlier, not 1 piece of shit came out. It was bad. I figured it would be warm out West, or atleast warmer than Cincinnati, I was fucking wrong about that too. Its fucking 43 degrees in the middle of New Mexico right now. I'm pretty sure the only way I've survived this long, is funny ass storys from my dad, cigerettes, and a shitload of soda pop.

"I was listening to talk radio a few years ago, and at the beginning of 2007 this Witch was on making predictions for the year. Like a legitimate Witch. She was a good Witch though. And she predicted that in October of 2007 the stock market would drop like hell. So in September I took all my money from GE stocks (he works at GE) and unloaded it into my account. A month later, the stock went from 42 dollars to 21 dollars. I told your mom that story and she told me I was a fucking lunatic. Its the best decision I've ever made." - My insane father. Todd Pittroff. GE stocks are $8.51 as of today. The Witch pulled through for him.

St. Louis has a worse skyline than Cincinnati.

Apparently Jesse James used to hide out in caves in Missouri.

Indian owned Casinos are all running wild in Missouri.

Oklahoma might possibly be the worst place on the face of the Earth.

Sleeping beauty. My old man. The mustache you all dream of.

There are literally hundreds of firework outlets. HUNDREDS. Everywhere.

Circle K. Always a good choice.

This is what the whole fucking ride looked like.

The Hillbillys that built this thing did a shit job.

It doesn't even come close to Touchdown Jesus, but whatever.

Everything is so flat you can see for miles around. Or see a full train.

The Flying J has Steak, Cakes, AND Eggs. I bet its delicious...

Jesus is Lord. Enough said.

You just cant fuck with a guy whose license plate says "BIGMAN."

Guys in the Gas Station, the dirtiest, grime dude you've ever seen. He buys a Samurai Sword from a vendor guy. His old lady comes out and he says to her "A rock cracked my front winder, you gonna buy me a new one right?" They were so dirty and fucked. I wish I could have got his whole setup in one picture. It was the highlight of the trip. Hillbilly Ingenuity at its finest. New Mexicos best.

Best sunsets by far.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One year...

Been a year since this has been started.

This was on my computer so here you go. Poorman took this the other day when it was nice out. Winter sucks.